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XBOX ONE S / X Modded Controller - DEEP PINK - XMOD 100 Modes Mod Chip / Rapid Fire - MICROSOFT - Xbox One, Series X | S or PC


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Our XBOX ONE Rapid Fire Modded Controller with XMOD Modchip 100 PLUS, uses the Right and Left triggers to fire your weapon. Simply choose the rapid fire setting you are most satisfied with, and press the triggers to fire.
With 10 fully adjustable speeds, many different modes, sub-modes, and special features that can be quickly activated at any time, with or without Rapid Fire, it will dramatically increase your performance and accuracy during the game play.

With our exclusive XMOD Digital Adjustable Rapid Fire Technology, which allows it to be 100% online undetectable, you won't ever have to worry about your controller becoming obsolete as new games come out.

This controller has been designed specifically for the Call of Duty series, but these controllers and modchips are fully compatible with the latest FPS (first person shooters) on the market and compatible with any game with a single shot weapon.

XMOD® 100% XBOX LIVE online compatible with recent game patches on all Call of Duty Series, Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, Black Ops, Titanfall, Destiny, Battlefield Series, Gear of War Series, Halo Series, Left 4 Dead and more!!!

  • 10 Rapid Fire Speeds - Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable Right Trigger Pull Level
  • Ultra-fast Rapid Fire ON/OFF
  • Ultra-fast switch modes & functions
  • Switch modes FORWARD & BACKWARD
  • 2 Custom LEDs indicators
  • Beeper Indicator (Adjustable Tone)
  • Add/Remove Speeds (2-10)
  • Master Reset to Default Settings
  • Default or Tactical buttons Layout
  • Jitter Modes*
  • Drop Shot
  • Jump Shot
  • Kneel Shot
  • LT Cancellation
  • Quick Scope (Adjustable Delay)
  • Sniper Breath
  • Auto Aim
  • Quick Aim
  • Akimbo-Mimic
  • Akimbo-Burst
  • Dual Triggers
  • Burst Fire (2-5 round burst) 

What in the box?

  • XBOX ONE Microsoft Wireless Controller
  • MOD: XMOD 100+ Modes - Installed
  • Printed User Guide
  • Retail Box and batteries included


Rapid Fire

This XMOD Controller uses the RT to fire your weapon. Simply choose the speed you are more satisfied with and push the trigger to fire.
It comes by default with 6 pre-programmed speeds, but you can easily add up to 10 speeds, or you can even disable them leaving just 2 active speeds.
Every speed is adjustable. This allows versatility across shooters, and also with future games.
All modes rotate in a circle, but for quick access to the desired mode you can step forward and backward quickly and easily.

User Programmable Speeds
The controller can remember up to 10 different Rapid Fire speeds in "shots per second".
This feature gives you the freedom to easily make your own speed.
You can slow down automatic weapons to pinpoint precision or even speed single shot weapons to unreal speeds.
Speed adjustments are made directly from the controller, no need to hook up to a computer to change the settings.
During the programming process, you can check the speed in real game by pressing the Right Trigger at any time, to see how your weapon responds to it.
Jitter Modes
Jitter it’s a glitch of some Call of Duty games.
The Jitter mode takes advantage of this game glitch allowing you to to shoot faster than normal with some weapons that do not work with regular rapid fire.
With the Jitter mode the accuracy is decreased, due to limited ability to aim down the sights. You can solve the aim problem by enabling the LT CANCELLATION option.
With this function(enabled by default), when you press the LEFT Trigger to aim down, the weapon will fire with regular rapid fire and automatically back to Jitter when the LEFT TRIGGER is released.
*This XBOX modded controller comes with the original jitter code with 4 different options/modes and a programmable/adjustable speed.
Jitter it’s a glitch (a graphic fault, defect, error, or malfunction) of some old XBOX 360 Call of Duty games.
The Jitter mode takes advantage of those games glitches allowing you to to shoot faster than normal with some weapons that do not work with regular rapid fire (like 3 round burst weapons or some shotguns).
Because the Jitter it’s a glitch of some old XBOX 360 Call of Duty games, it can be fixed/patched or modified at any time, so the jitter's performance depends on your internet connection, Xbox Live server, new patches, etc.
Drop Shot
This automatic drop shot feature allows you to quickly lay down and fire with the click of the RIGHT TRIGGER (RT).
When you come face to face with an opponent just push the RT and it will drop you all the way to the ground, aim and shoot, all in one action, when your opponent shoots over your head.
Jump Shot
The automatic Jump Shot mode works similar to Drop Shot. Just push the Right Trigger (RT) to jump at the same time while shooting.
Kneel Shot
The kneeling position is best to use when seconds count and you need better accuracy than standing can give you. Kneel Shot is quicker than Drop Shot.
Pressing the Right Trigger (RT) will automatically aim and fire in kneeling position.
Quick Scope
With quick scope, as soon as you look down the sight by holding LT, the XMOD Controller will automatically hold your breath for you to steady your aim, which you would usually have to click in the left thumb stick to do and then fire shortly after.
As well as the rapid fire speed, the timing (shoot delay) of the Quick Scope can be fully adjusted.
Note: With this function when you push the RIGHT TRIGGER (RT) only, you will aim and shoot "QUICK AIM" (with or without Rapid Fire), all in one action.
Sniper Breath
This mode was specially designed for sniper rifles in Call of Duty and Battlefield games.
Upon activation, the mod will automatically hold sniper’s breath when scoping.
You no longer have to push the LEFT Thumb stick to hold breath.
Note: With this function when you push the RIGHT TRIGGER (RT) only, you will aim and shoot "QUICK AIM" (with or without Rapid Fire), all in one action.
Quick Aim
Pressing RT will automatically initiate LT aim. As long as RT is held, you will aim down the sights. It can be used with or without Rapid Fire.
Auto Aim
This function allows you to auto-aim to the nearest enemy while scoping your rifle.
Any time you press the Left Trigger (LT) to aim, it’s going to lock under the nearest enemy.
Auto Aim Mode was specially designed to be used OFFLINE with some Call Of Duty games such as Zombie in Black Ops and Campaign in Modern Warfare 2 and 3.
Burst Fire
Auto Burst allows users to set “single shot” weapons to burst fire rounds of 2, 3, 4, and 5 shots.
The controller will burst at the same speed you currently have selected.
Dual Triggers
With this feature Rapid Fire can be controlled independently on LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS.
Akimbo Mimic modes allow you to control dual-wielded guns with only one fire trigger (RT) instead of using two triggers.
Trigger copy with or without rapid fire for all Call of Duty series.
When dual wielding or using akimbo, holding RT will rapid fire both pistols.
With this mode you are able to aim with LT: When LT is held, the controller shoots like normal (with or without Rapid Fire) and automatically back to Akimbo mode when LT is released. Perfect setup for using any fully automatic primary and dual pistols.
LT Cancel
This feature can be activated with the Drop Shot, Kneel Shot and Jump Shot functions.
With this function, when you push the LEFT TRIGGER (LT), the Drop/Kneel/Jump Shot will be temporarily canceled/disabled and you will fire with or without REGULAR Rapid Fire.
This will let you stay behind a barrier or window aiming down the sight and shoot without dropping/kneeling/jumping.
The selected Special Function will be automatically enabled as soon as the LEFT TRIGGER (LT) is released. Fast blinking of the LED1 will indicate: LT Cancellation enabled.
Aim Cancellation
This option can be activated with the Drop Shot, Kneel Shot and Jump Shot functions.
By default those functions will automatically quick aim and shoot while dropping, jumping or kneeling. For example, if you want to fire from the hip while jumping, you must turn the auto aim off (aim cancellation) for the Jump Shot function.
You can do that on the fly by entering in”Special Function” and then hold down the RIGHT Trigger and Tap the LEFT trigger. Repeat the same actions to toggle the AIM Cancellation on/off.
This option will be kept in the modchip’s memory, even if you take the battery out.
Beeper Indicator
Audio Beep Modes/Function indicator.
Beeper tone can be adjusted to your preference.
Sound indicator is enabled by default and can be turned off.
Add-Remove Speeds
This controller can be programmed to be used with 2 to 10 different Rapid Fire speeds.
It will have 6 pre-programmed speeds by Factory Default.
You can decrease this number up to 2 (two) or increase them up to 10 (ten) speeds.
Adjustable Trigger Pull
You can adjust the Rapid Fire threshold on the RT from a very short trigger pull to all the way down.
That means that you can set the Right Trigger pull weight to engage the Rapid Fire according to your preferences.