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PS4 Modded Controller - 4 Back Buttons - Sony Pro DualShock 4


PS4 Modded Controller - 4 Back Buttons - Sony Pro DualShock 4

$ 149.90 $ 169.90

When holding a standard PlayStation PS4 controller, you have to move your thumb from the right thumb stick to a button and back to the thumb stick. Although this may only take a second, it’s a relatively long time in the world of fast-paced gaming.

With 4 extra buttons on the back on the controller,you can keep your thumb firmly planted on the right thumb stick and to stay focused on aiming, while your other fingers quickly press the buttons and deliver the response you need, in fractions of a second.

Buttons Remap can be easily done via “Enable Custom Button Assignments” PS4 console options. ** No Rapid fire mod chip installed.

For games like Call of Duty, these features have moved from giving a slight edge to being a near essential. They shave off valuable milliseconds and allow you to react quicker in intense situations.

For hardcore FPS fans, the XMOD Gaming Modded Controllers are products that you should have in your arsenal.



  • Original - Brand New Sony - DualShock 4 Wireless Controller 2.0 (New Model w/extra light-bar)
  • Model: CUH-ZCT2     Color: Jet Black
  • Retail Box Included
  • 4 Extra Buttons Installed on the back of the controller (Circle, X, Square, Triangle) *** See Picture
  • Rumble Motors Removed  (This allows for a lighter controller and also helps improve aim by eliminating vibration)




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