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Back Buttons Remap Modchip XBOX 360

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Back Buttons Remap Modchip XBOX 360

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When holding a standard Xbox controller, you have to move your thumb from the right thumb stick to a button, and back to the thumb stick.
Although this may only take a second, it’s a relatively long time in the world of fast-paced gaming.

With two extra buttons on the back on the controller, you can keep your thumb firmly planted on the right thumb stick, focused on aiming, while your other fingers quickly press the buttons and deliver the response you need, in fractions of a second.

For games like Call of Duty, these features have moved from giving a slight edge to being a near essential. They shave off valuable milliseconds and allow you to react quicker in intense situations.
Now you can Double Jump and Shot, for example, while simultaneously aiming.

Each button can be easily configured to do any of the 10 pre-programmed modes, like Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Kneel Shot, etc. ensuring the XMOD buttons are customized to your style of game play.

The two extra buttons can be quickly changed, mixed or set with the same modes in-game by pressing some buttons on the XBOX 360 Controller.
Easy to install, this XMOD Mod add-on can be added to any already modded XBOX controller (CG-CG2) with or without any Rapid Fire mod installed.
It will work independently of any pre-existing modification on you controller.

For hardcore FPS fans, the XMOD Gaming Mod Kits are products that you should have in your arsenal.

  • Fully Assembled with soldered wires.
  • DROP Regular
  • JUMP Regular
  • JUMP AIM - Continuous
  • JUMP Regular - Double Tap/Continuous
  • KNEEL Regular
  • Quick Mod ON/OFF
  • Quick modes access
  • 1 LED Indicator
    Platform XBOX 360 Wireless Controllers (CG-CG2)
    Model Back Butons / Remap - Modchip
    Compatibility XBOX 360 CG-CG2 Boards (Not compatible with Matrix 1-2)
    Tools Required Soldering Iron, Solder, Wire Cutter/Stripper, Torx T8 Screwdriver, 5/32 Drill Bit
    Package includes XMOD Modchip Board with Soldered wires and 2 buttons
     Chip Compatibility How to identify your XBOX 360 Controller's board.
     Installation Tutorial Modchip Installation Tutorial on PDF format
     Demo Video Back Buttons Modchip - XBOX 360 - Demo Video


    1. JUMP Regular: Mimic the “A” Button press.

    2. DROP Regular: Mimic the “B” Button Press.

    3. KNEEL Regular: Tap to go in crouch/kneeling position.

    4. JUMP AIM: Tap to Jump and Aim at the same time. Hold to keep aiming.

    5. DROP AIM: Tap to Drop and Aim at the same time. Hold to keep aiming.

    6. KNEEL AIM: Tap to go in kneeling position and Aiming at the same time. Hold to keep aiming.

    7. JUMP DOUBLE TAP/CONTINUOUS: Tap to Jump twice. Hold to jump continuously.

    8. JUMP AIM CONTINUOUS: Hold to jump continuously while aiming.

    9. JUMP AIM CONTINUOUS: Hold to jump continuously while aiming.

    10. JUMP KNEEL AIM: Tap to Jump and then land in kneeling position while aiming. Hold to keep aiming.

    With this modchip you can easily set any of the back buttons with any of the 10 pre-programmed modes, you can mix them or even you can have the same function on both.




      • ATTENTION : This modchip will work on CG & CG2  XBOX 360 Wireless boards version ONLY. It is not compatible with MATRIX 1-2 XBOX controller's boards.
        Check your XBOX controller's version before ordering  
      • The modchip's installation requires soldering several wires to small confined spaces. We do not advise attempting this installation if you are a beginner at soldering.
      • Our XMOD mod chips are 100% tested before shipment. They will be shipped in sealed anti-static bag.


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

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