XBOX ONE - Mail-In Mod Chip Installation Service

Send us your Xbox One Controller and we will professionally install our XMOD Rapid Fire Mod Chip for you. This is a cost effective and the best options if you don't want, don't know how to install the mod chip or you don't have the money to spend on a new modded controller.

XBOX ONE - 100+ Modes
10 Rapid Fire Speeds - Fully adjustable
Adjustable Right Trigger Pull Level
Ultra-fast Rapid Fire ON/OFF
Ultra-fast switch modes & functions
2 Custom LEDs indicators
Beeper Indicator (Adjustable Tone)
Add/Remove Speeds (2-10)
Master Reset to Default Settings
Default or Tactical buttons Layout
Jitter Modes
Drop Shot
Jump Shot
Kneel Shot
LT Cancellation
Quick Scope (Adjustable Delay)
Sniper Breath
Auto Aim
Quick Aim
Dual Triggers
Burst Fire (2-5 round burst)

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