Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rapid Fire modded controller?

In a nutshell rapid fire allows you to shoot your weapons at the maximum rate of fire the gun allows.

Your character gets additional advantages in a game such as an ability to shoot faster, aim better, fire and fall at same time and many more. Basically it makes your character more skillful and invincible without having to spend hours in front of your gaming console.

This is accomplished by our exclusive XMOD rapid fire chip that is installed inside the controller. It simulates the triggers being pulled automatically at the highest rate the gun allows.

Rapid fire is optimized for all single shot and semi-automatic weapons. It has no effect on fully automatic weapons other than it may reduce the recoil on certain automatic weapons by slowing the rate of fire.

Our XMOD rapid fire is not game specific and works with all FPS (first person shooter) games. Both XBOX and PlayStation controllers have a fully adjustable universal rapid fire.

Are modchips or modded controllers illegal?

Rapid fire has been around for several years and is not considered illegal.
We use genuine Microsoft and Sony controller boards, meaning there are no issues whatsoever when using a modified controller on a gaming console.
Microsoft/Sony are only concerned with modded consoles which allow people to play pirated games.
All our controllers are fully undetectable online. There is no communication between XBOX LIVE/PSN and our modded controllers.

What type of games are modded controllers compatible with?

Our controllers are compatible with any first person shooters that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons.

What is the warranty on my controller?

Included with your controller is a 6 month warranty, the longest in the industry!
The included warranty covers parts, mod chips and labor but does not cover excessive wear or accidental damage to the controller including but not limited to: spilled drinks or food on the controller, dropping the controller, or mishandling it.

If you tamper/unscrew and open your controller this will VOID your warranty.
If for any reason your controller stops functioning or becomes defective within 180 days of your order date, please contact us to receive return authorization, and we will provide you with a prompt repair.
If received and determined that the controller is in working order, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Controllers that have been modified to include third party add-ons not provided by XMOD TEKS void the warranty and cannot be sent to us for repairs..

Why are modded controllers so expensive?

Typically a brand new controller from Microsoft and Sony retails for about $60. We take that original controller and modify it visually and functionality wise which requires trained technicians who manually disassemble and reassemble the final product. The added parts and labor add to the final product cost.
We use brand new original/genuine Microsoft and Sony controllers purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Can I send in my own controller for a cheaper price?

Yes! You can purchase a send-in-controller modding service to have any of the available mods we offer installed for a lower price!. CLICK HERE...

Does DIY modchips have warranty?

This product does not come with a warranty. Our mod chips are delicate and can be easily damaged by an untrained individual. Therefore XMOD TEKS does not offer refunds on any chips that have been soldered to.
You have 7 days to return the unused/unopened product.
Please read through our instructions before working on a mod kit to be sure you can perform the installation.

Do you ship internationally outside of the U.S.?

We do not ship to international locations other than U.S. Territories and Military APO/FPO addresses.

We do not ship to known freight forwarders, and orders to such will be canceled.

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