Wanna be a beta tester?  Do you love XMOD and want to help us to make it even better?


1. To create a solid group of gaming beta testing for our Xbox One X and PS4 Pro mod chips and modded controllers, we need all the information listed below.
Therefore we will consider only applications filled in every detail.

2. We can not work with testers that don't already use gaming mods periodically and know how they works, and that cannot provide useful information about their interaction with it.

3. Testers that are not actively reporting about betas are released from their position, hence this is not a smooth way to get a free stuff :)


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If you need explanation for this, you better to stop working and have a break :)

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Gaming Platform (XBOX-PlayStation-PC)

Are you in any gaming clan?  Clan Name, Gamertag and Website.

How many hours per day do you spend playing video games?
What is your preferred game console and game?
Why you want to be a beta tester? 


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