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XBOX 360 Modded Controller - XMOD 100 Mode, Camouflage

XMOD Electronics

XBOX 360 Modded Controller - XMOD 100 Mode, Camouflage

$ 139.00

Our XBOX ONE Rapid Fire Modded Controller with XMOD Modchip 100 PLUS, uses the Right and Left triggers to fire your weapon. Simply choose the rapid fire setting you are most satisfied with, and press the triggers to fire.

With 6 main modes and many different sub-modes, programmable modes and special features you can have more than 100 combinations making this controller complete enough for any game.

The XMOD Digital Adjustable Rapid Fire Technology, allows it to be 100% online undetectable, you won't ever have to worry about your controller becoming obsolete as new games come out.

This controller has been designed specifically for the Call of Duty series, but these controllers and modchips are fully compatible with the latest FPS (first person shooters) on the market and compatible with any game with a single shot weapon.

XMOD® 100% XBOX LIVE online compatible with recent game patches on all Call of Duty Series, Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, Black Ops, Titanfall, Destiny, Battlefield Series, Gear of War Series, Halo Series, Left 4 Dead and more!!! 

Take a look at some of the most popular compatible FPS games >>>

  • XMOD® Rapid Fire Modchip
  • Regular Rapid Fire Modes
  • User Adjustable Mode
  • Ultra-fast Rapid Fire ON/OFF
  • Ultra-fast switch modes & functions
  • Switch modes FORWARD & BACKWARD
  • 2 Custom Ring Of Light LEDs 
  • Add/Remove Modes Function
  • Master Reset to Default Settings
  • LT Cancellation
  • Drop Shot
  • Drop Aim Shot
  • Jump Shot
  • Jitter Modes
  • Jitter Aim-Assisted
  • Quick Aim
  • Akimbo-Mimic
  • Akimbo Jitter
  • Akimbo-Burst
  • Dual Triggers
  • Burst Fire Modes


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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