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PS4 Pro vs. XBOX One X vs. Nintendo Switch (BEST COMPARISON) Specs - XMOD TEKS

nintendo switch Project Scorpio PS4 Pro vs. WWII Xbox One X

  Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch: Which is better? It's the console boss battle With Microsoft having finally unveiled the next generation Xbox One X, the video games landscape for the coming months has taken shape. The premium Xbox One X will compete with the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch for market share. But how do the three major consoles stack up against one another? Here is a rundown of the qualities of these three video gaming machines. XMOD TEKS SPECS COMPARISON Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X Playstation 4 PlayStation 4 Slim PlayStation...

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Xbox One X: Everything we know about Project Scorpio's

Microsoft Project Scorpio Xbox One X

Project Scorpio is now officially the Xbox One X, and it promises true 4K gaming at 60fps.Find out the Xbox One X release date, price, specs and more here.At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, the tech giant shared what they call "the world's most powerful console." And based on its specs, Microsoft could be right. Microsoft's Kareem Choudhry made the announcement at the E3. He shared that aside from being a top-tier gaming device, the Xbox One X is the smallest system that Microsoft has ever built.Microsoft's latest home gaming system is not entirely a new console. Fundamentally, it is...

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'Call of Duty' goes back to what it does best: historic warfare

4k Activision Call of Duty Gaming Project Scorpio PS4 Pro Sledgehammer WWII Xbox One X

Prepare to enter the trenches in 'Call of Duty: WWII.' After Infinite Warfare, I was ready to give up on Call of Duty. I just didn't think the futuristic space setting was very compelling and couldn't bring myself to finish the campaign. Just when I thought I was out though, Sledgehammer Games has pulled me back in. For the next installment of the franchise, the title is going back to its roots: World War II in Europe. To me, the historical Call of Duty games are the best ones, and this year's installment looks very promising.Here at E3, Activision and...

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