PS4 vs Xbox One Console Sales War and Poll: Microsoft Comes Out On Top In October 2015



The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released round about the same time and both are known for high-end graphics and gaming experience. Both consoles have their own charm and a committed fan following. Both companies continue to promote games exclusive to each console.

So if you want to play God of War or Uncharted you better buy yourself a PlayStation 4. Xbox's Halo series has come a long way from initially being released in 2001 to its latest installment in 2015. Halo is a first person shooter that gained instant popularity among Xbox users and has since been one of the top games on the console. The release of Halo: Guardians in October helped drive Xbox One sales to the top. XMOD Teks

In a recent company statement, Microsoft announced that Xbox One has reached record sales growth since October of the previous year. On top of that, a consistent growth in console sales allowed it to beat its rivals and experience an unprecedented 81% growth.

Halo 5: Guardians in particular helped spike Xbox One's popularity among gamers. It seems as if gamers prefer an alien invasion and the world's end over a a bunch of guys dribbling a ball into the hoop.

For now, Xbox One may have set its foot on the top shelves however PlayStation 4 has not entirely been left behind. Games like Uncharted and Infamous are exclusive PlayStation titles with a class of their own. Uncharted takes you into a wild open world treasure hunt while Infamous lets you choose between dark and good. Sony recently announced that it is pleased with the success of PS4 and is thankful to the gaming community for making it the best-selling console worldwide, as reported by IGN.


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