PS4 vs Xbox One: Developer DICE Thinks Microsoft’s Console Will Never Get Past PlayStation 4
PS4 vs Xbox One: Developer DICE Thinks Microsoft’s Console Will Never Get Past PlayStation 4
LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 15: Dice senior producer Sigurlína Ingvarsdottir introduces ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ during the Electronic Arts E3 press conference at the LA Sports Arena on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The EA press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. 
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According to Attack of the Fan Boy, Kertz posted a tweet that implied how Xbox will always be behind the PlayStation 4, which drew ire from fans despite others agreeing to the post. At one point, one fan replied saying that Xbox One has the ‘”Halo 5″ series and that should credit something for the said console.

Kertz also implied that the only way the Xbox One can probably increase their sales is when they have racked up enough exclusive games as well as resort to a price drop on their consoles. However, Xbox One fans should not be disheartened as Alan Kertz’ Twitter page is all about his “Personal Tweets, Random Musings and All Thoughts my Own,” which means that his idea of Xbox One not being able to beat PlayStation 4 is his own personal opinion and did not officially came from DICE.

PlayStation 4, being dubbed as the more “technically powered system” will have to see through time whether it’s really the more dominant console between the two.

There have been times when Xbox One demonstrated their lack of game resolution in terms of older titles, but the Xbox One console have literally changed through time and has seen some changes on their game quality using Microsoft’s latest innovations.

According to CinemaBlend, it is really unusual for a game developer to act like what Kertz said when you know one of your games will actually end up in some Xbox One console. Where consoles matter, fans shouldn’t be too affected by the comment if they are enjoying the current console they’re using. What actually matters is that they get what they need from their current platforms.

  Recently, Xbox One launched their backwards compatibility feature in hopes of getting more players to use their gaming consoles as well as lure back former Xbox 360 players to take on the Xbox One.

The move may have increased their sales and revenue, but like what Kertz said, there is still the power of mechanism between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that remain unanswered.

A price drop may be a crucial move in order to gain more users, but aside from it, other things must also be considered in choosing the best console.

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