XMOD 30 PLUS - Black

5 Rapid Fire Speeds - Fully adjustable
Ultra-fast Rapid Fire ON/OFF
Ultra-fast switch modes & functions
1 LED indicator
Master Reset to Default Settings
XBOX ONE - Brand New Controller
with 3.5 mm Jack Headset **
Drop Shot
Drop Aim Shot
Jump Shot
Jump Aim Shot
LT Cancellation
Quick Aim
Fully configurable A&B back buttons


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Our XMOD RAPID FIRE CONTROLLER uses the RIGHT and LEFT TRIGGERS to fire your weapon. Simply choose the rapid fire setting you are most satisfied with, and press the triggers to fire.

With 5 fully adjustables speeds, many different modes, sub-modes, and special features that can be quickly activated at any time, with or without Rapid Fire, it will dramatically increase your performance and accuracy during the game play.

This XBOX ONE RAPID FIRE MODDED CONTROLLER has been designed specifically for the Call of Duty series, but works great for almost all FPS (first person shooters) games.

100% XBOX LIVE online compatible with recent game patches on all Call of Duty Series, Titanfall, Destiny, Battlefield Series, Gear of War Series, Halo Series, Left 4 Dead and more!!!

When holding a standard Xbox controller, you have to move your thumb from the right thumb stick to a button and back to the thumb stick. Although this may only take a second, it’s a relatively long time in the world of fast-paced gaming.

With two extra buttons on the back on the controller,you can keep your thumb firmly planted on the right thumb stick and to stay focused on aiming, while your other fingers quickly press the buttons and deliver the response you need, in fractions of a second.

For games like Call of Duty, these features have moved from giving a slight edge to being a near essential. They shave off valuable milliseconds and allow you to react quicker in intense situations. Now you can Double Jump and Shot, for example, while simultaneously aiming.

Each button can be easily configured to remap the A an B buttons to do functions like Drop Shot, Double Jump etc. ensuring they are customized to your style of game play.

The two extra buttons can be quickly changed, mixed or set with the same modes in-game by pressing some buttons on the XBOX One Controller.

For hardcore FPS fans, the XMOD Gaming Modded Controllers are products that you should have in your arsenal.

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Rapid Fire Modes

This controller comes by default with 5 pre-programmed speeds.
Every speed is adjustable. This allows versatility across shooters and also with future games.

User Programmable Speeds

The controller can remember up to 5 different Rapid Fire speeds in "shots per second".
This feature gives you the freedom to easily make your own speed.
You can slow down automatic weapons to pinpoint precision or even speed single shot weapons to unreal speeds.
Speed adjustments are made directly from the controller, no need to hook up to a computer to change the settings.
During the programming process, you can check the speed in real game by pressing the Right Trigger at any time, to see how your weapon responds to it.

Drop Shot

This automatic drop shot feature allows you to quickly lay down and fire with the click of the RIGHT TRIGGER (RT).
When you come face to face with an opponent just push the RT and it will drop you all the way to the ground, aim and shoot, all in one action, when your opponent shoots over your head.

Jump Shot

The automatic Jump Shot mode works similar to Drop Shot. Just push the Right Trigger (RT) to jump at the same time while shooting.

Quick Aim

Pressing RT will automatically initiate LT aim. As long as RT is held, you will aim down the sights. It can be used with or without Rapid Fire.


Akimbo Mimic modes allow you to control dual-wielded guns with only one fire trigger (RT) instead of using two triggers.
Trigger copy with or without rapid fire for all Call of Duty series.
When dual wielding or using akimbo, holding RT will rapid fire both pistols.
With this mode you are able to aim with LT: When LT is held, the controller shoots like normal (with or without Rapid Fire) and automatically back to Akimbo mode when LT is released. Perfect setup for using any fully automatic primary and dual pistols.

LT Cancel

With this function, when you push the LEFT TRIGGER (LT), the Drop/Jump Shot will be temporarily canceled/disabled and you will fire with or without REGULAR Rapid Fire.
This will let you stay behind a barrier or window aiming down the sight and shoot without dropping/jumping.
The selected Special Function will be automatically enabled as soon as the LEFT TRIGGER (LT) is released.

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